We are Pioneer in many Tequniques

Pioneer Work

  • First in Rajasthan to start LASIK (Laser Refractive Surgery to Improve vision Without Glasses and Contact Lenses) in Rajasthan (May 1999) and have performed maximum laser surgeries in Rajasthan (10,000+).
  • First to Start WASCA Laser Surgery - Advanced Laser procedure for Aberration correction in Rajasthan (May 2004).
  • First in Rajasthan to start Cold Micro incision Phaco with Rollable Lens Implantation (July 2003)
  • First to Start Topical Phaco surgery in Private Hospital in Jaipur (Jan 2003).
  • First time in Rajasthan performed Lens implantation Surgery in Eye Camps (Nov 1994).
  • First to provide modern cataract surgery by Phacoemulsification in Eye Camps in Rajasthan (Jan.1997).
  • First from Rajasthan to perform Live Surgery of LASIK and Micro Incision Cold Phaco for Ophthalmologist meetings.
  • First and only to do Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) for Presbyopia (May 2007).
  • First to start C3R Surgery (Collagen Cross linking with Riboflavin Drop) for Keratoconus in Rajasthan.
  • First to install many modern state of art machines or equipments in our state like Excimer Laser, Oertli OS3 Phaco, Aberrometer, Near vision view point CK, IOL Master, Pro NMFA Fundus Camera, Cirrus High Definition Fourier Domain Spectral OCT, Visante Ant Segment OCT, GDx VCC Nerve fiber analyzer, Humphrey Visual field analyzer HFA- 750i, and Visupac Star.
Awards Received
Awards Received By Dr Anita Agrawal

  • Honored by Public relation Society of INDIA (PRSI Award) for good care of patients.
  • National scholarship holder by Board of secondary Education Madhya Pradesh Bhopal.

Awards Received By Dr Virendra Agrawal

  • Awarded BodhRaj Sabarwal Gold Medal for being the Best Post Graduate in Ophthalmology for the Year 1993 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).
  • Awarded National Talent Search Scholarship by the National Council For Education, Research and Training (NCERT).
  • Best Paper Gold Medal in Annual Conf. Of Rajasthan Ophthalmologic Society (Nov. 2000) - LASIK MYTH OR TRUTH.
  • Honored by Medical Practitioners Society (MPS) and Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Society (PHNHS), Jaipur for bringing most modern and advanced eye surgery facilities in Rajasthan (June 2005).
Some Tips on Eye Care

  • Wash the eyes with cold water in the mornings - it is soothing
  • Use sunglasses in sunlight to block the UV rays.
  • Always wear correct glasses & do not use someone else's glasses.
  • Do not read while lying down, in a moving train or bus.
  • Ensure there is proper light - do not read in dim light.
  • A well balanced diet is important. vitamin A which is an essential nutrient for eyes especially in children. Lack of vitamin A in children can cause night blindness.
  • If there is any family history of myopia, Glaucoma, Retinal detachment-periodic eye checkup is necessary.
  • If you have diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) periodic eye checkup is important.
  • Routine eye checkup for children is necessary to rule out possibility of eyeglass numbers.
  • If the child is squeezing his eyes while watching TV, rubbing eyes excessively or blinks too much, he might need glasses.
  • If the child has glasses number, it should be checked every six months to one year.
  • Do not let children play with sharply pointed objects like pencil, pen etc. many eyes are lost because of eye injury eg. bow & arrow.
  • In case of eye injury due to a fall or ball injury do not neglect it. The eye doctor should be consulted immediately.

People considering CK typically meet the following criteria. An experienced eye surgeon should always make an evaluation.

  • Age 40 and over
  • No drastic changes in vision or eyeglass prescription within the past year
  • No eye conditions such as glaucoma, keratoconus, herpes of the eye, or corneal dystrophy
  • No physical conditions such as diabetes, aggressive keloid formation,
  • Pregnancy or nursing, and vascular or autoimmune diseases